Thorncliffe Park Station

Intersection: Approximately 48 Thorncliffe Park Dr.
Construction Stage: One
2014 Density (est.): 223
Nearby Landmarks: East York Town Centre
TTC Connections: 88+ South Leaside

Thorncliffe Park station would serve the neighbourhood of Thorncliffe Park, one of the most dense residential neighbourhoods in the City of Toronto. In addition to the cluster of high-rise apartments, the station would serve the East York Town Centre, allowing an easy connection for shopping for the residents of Flemingdon Park one stop north.

The density of the station is similar to that of St. Clair on the Yonge line, and also close to both Spadina and St. George stations. Ridership is therefore estimated to be very high, with a projected modal split of 39%. The creation of the Downtown Relief Line can replace the 81 Thorncliffe Park bus as the route overlaps completely, and at this point stop density of the stations is close enough that it is doubtful surface transit would need to run in addition to the subway.

Thorncliffe Park has little room for redevelopment, but it is definitely not necessary given the already high levels of density in the area. It is possible that some development could occur where the East York Town Centre is located, but there is not a lot of room and it would be difficult to proceed without massive reconstruction.

Thorncliffe Park Station could have some of the highest walk-up traffic in the system, and provides the residents of this neighbourhood the higher-order transit that they deserve.

Southbound to:
Eastbound to:
Flemingdon Park
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