Cosburn Station

Intersection: Pape Ave. and Cosburn Ave.
Construction Stage: One
2014 Density (est.): 164
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections: 87+ Cosburn

Cosburn station is located in the heart of Pape Village in the former borough of East York. The station serves the retail along Pape Avenue as well as the numerous mid-rise apartments in the area lining Cosburn, Gamble, and Gowan.

The area is very similar to that around Bloor and Ossington in terms of density and retail, as well as distance from the core. Retail along Pape includes a number of bakeries and delicatessens, and is the site of a three day street festival in June30. Because of the similarities to Ossington, ridership is expected to be fairly high, with a modal split around 38-39%. The specific location at Cosburn lends itself well to rapid transit, as all of the mid-rise apartments in the neighbourhood are within a 10 minute walk of the station. It was due to this density and transit friendly location that Cosburn was chosen over O'Connor to locate a stop at. While O'Connor may be a slightly more important street, the area around Pape and O'Connor is very low-density, and can be well served by existing buses to Broadview station.

There exists redevelopment potential along Pape Avenue, as existing retail such as the McDonald's Restaurant can be included in street-level retail of new buildings. Only one bus route would connect to the station, but that would provide those living east on Cosburn a much faster trip downtown minimizing the number of transfers required.

Cosburn is located in a vibrant neighbourhood that would see a high level of ridership regardless of any potential future development. It is a valuable station that can easily justify its construction cost.

Southbound to:
Danforth - Pape
Northbound to:
Thorncliffe Park
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